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The first blog post

I’ve been talking about a blog for a long time now. I was beginning to be a little bit tired of myself for always talking about and never doing it. So here it is. My very first blog post.

So who is this Maiken Mills?

I’m a danish girl currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. If you had asked me two years ago I would never have thought that I would have travelled so much now and be based in Bangkok. I went to Thailand in the beginning of 2016 as an exchange student. The decision was impulsive and I didn’t really had time to think whether it was a good idea or not.
Sitting at a café in busy Bangkok writing this I can assure you it was a very good idea indeed. My stay as an exchange student was the beginning of a lot of exiting adventures which I’ll share with you on this blog.
I like when things are organised and planned, but when you decide to travel to new places in your own way and even live in a new country you’re getting challenged (in a good way!). It’s exciting, it’s stressfull and most important of all it’s worth it!
Follow along, share your travel tips, let’s connect!