Weekend Getaway

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park Viewpoint

Bangkok is a busy city and there’s always something to do! As much as I love Bangkok I also love to escape the city.

I use pinterest, Instagram, articles and other blogs to find inspiration for places to go. We have already been to the South a few times. So this time I decided that we should go to the North. 

One of the things I miss the most is the nature and the freedom. With freedom I mean traveling on your own on a motorbike and not being dependent on the sky train (BTS), Uber, train and so on.

Let the fun begin!

We woke up Saturday morning, rented a bike and began our journey to Khao Yai. I don’t know if I can recommend going these months since it’s the rainy season, but we were lucky and made it all the way from Bangkok to the park without rain. It is a long trip, but if you like the freedom and risky adventures I would recommend it.

We had a pit stop at a nice and cosy café we found our way up to the park. Normally I like to plan everything, but at the same time I hate making to many plans ahead and especially about where to stay. We booked a hotel right before we left the café. We paid and went out to the motorbike, typed in the address and to our big surprise we found out the hotel was on the other side of the park. Okay, I wish we had planned a little bit more. Just a little bit.

We continued our adventure on our motorbike. After one hour of drive we finally arrived at the park and the landscape was so beautiful!

Because of the rainy season the park was almost completely empty. We saw a few other cars and only two spots with a few local tourists. We stopped at the most beautiful viewpoint.

The rainy season is indeed low season. The hotel was completely empty. We stayed at the hotel “Palio Inn”. There’s a few theme styled hotels in Khao Yai and this is one of them. Palio Inn is in a small “Italian town” so we were really looking forward to Italian dining, but the whole place was closed when we arrived. 

So thank God for Foursquare! One of my favourite apps. I will tell more about that another day. I was really craving Italian so I searched for Italian on the app and lucky for us we found a perfect place 10 minutes drive from our hotel. The rain was so heavy that we had to stop halfway at a Family Mart to buy rain ponchos and a new t-shirt. After another 5 min in the heavy rain we arrived at the restaurant soaking wet. 

The wine and food was amazing so we it was definitely worth the drive. The place is called “Sireena Italian Restaurant“. We had dinner there two days in a row.

When the rainy season change your plans

The next morning we went for breakfast/lunch at the Castle. Another theme hotel. The location was beautiful, but the food wasn’t special. The heavy rain continued. We were in a huge dilemma about what to do. We came for the National Park, but the most important thing was actually just to getaway and have a chill weekend. After exploring different cafés and restaurants nearby while debating what to do we ended up deciding to visit a vineyard.

I found the perfect one “PB Valley”. It was a bit far away from where we were, but as I said we always like adventures. 

On our way to the vineyard we drove by the the DNA Resort and Spa which is basically a hotel designed as a spaceship. It looks so interesting and so scary. It’s located in the middle of nowhere and looks kind of abandoned, but then again it is low season so everything looks abandoned there and especially when you compare to Bangkok.  

After a long drive we arrived at PB Valley vineyard. It was so nice and definitely a perfect place to visit if you want to escape the busy city. We ordered a cold cut platter and a glass of their own white wine. We spent around 3,5 hours chilling, talking, exploring their vineyard and having fun. The weather was really bad, but we had to go back. We agreed on going back to the Italian restaurant.

The conclusion

I’m definitely going back to Khao Yai National Park, but when the weather is better! It was an amazing trip no matter what, but I would love to see the wild animals in the park and the beautiful scenery. So next time I’d go back to the park and not the things outside the park. I read somewhere that you can bring your own tent and sleep in the park. I hope we can do that next time. We saw a lot of monkeys, but unfortunately not any elephants. 

I would recommend it. Make sure you have a motorbike or a car to drive around inside the park. The park is huge. We went through the park the first day and it took quite some time. 

Nice to know about Khao Yai National Park

You pay per entry, so we would have to pay 400 baht again if we went back Sunday. That was also why we decided not to go to the park. 400 baht is a lot if you’re stuck at a café and can’t explore the park. 

The entrance fee:
Thai person 40 baht
Western adult 400 baht
Western child 200 baht
Bicycle 20 baht
Motorcycle 30 baht
Car 50 baht
Mini van 100 baht