Explore Sathorn – another part of Bangkok

One afternoon and night in Sathorn!

It was a quiet weekend and we didn’t really have any plans. We had been talking about this café in Sathorn we wanted to visit. So we packed our stuff including our laptops and ordered an Uber.

We live in Sukhumvit and Sathorn is really quiet if you compare those two areas. It was a little bit too quiet at first, but around 6pm more people came. The place we wanted to go to was Le Café des Stagiaires. At first there were no people so we started with Happy Hour at Charm Eatery and Bar.

I think we were the only one there. No traffic and no noise, it was actually kind of nice! After a few glasses of white wine (their happy hour) we moved on to the next place. 


Next stop: Le Café des Stagiaires

Next stop: Le Café des Stagiaires. It’s 2 minutes walk from Charm Eatery and Bar , both in Soi 12. So finally the place became a bit more crowded. We tried their Happy Hour as well. This time we ended up with the Belgian beer Vedett. Their menu was nice and since we love cheese and snacks we ordered their cold cut platter. It seems like a really cool place that are perfect for having fun and chill.

The guests at the bar was a mix of couples, singles, families, girls night out and us sitting with our laptops working and fixing blog stuff! We sat there for a few hours and in the meantime there was a heavy rain outside. Rainy season… Always have a backup plan. Lucky for us Happy Hour was still on.

Around 21pm we packed our stuff and ordered another Uber. It was still raining hard. We went to another place we read about online. It’s called Smalls and it’s in Sathorn Soi 1. We ran from the Uber and stormed into the place.


I wasn’t expecting a night like this

A dark mysterious place with 3 floors. Of course we wanted to check each floor before we sat down. Every single floor was empty. We went down again and enjoyed yet another Happy Hour! This time the Belgian beer Duvel. A very strong one. As you see we had fun taking some pictures. While we were busy with the camera we spotted a menu card. Gallery Pizza deliver pizzas directly to the bar. With the heavy rain outside it seemed like a perfect idea.

You feel kind of awkward sitting in a bar eating a pizza while getting eye contact with the bartender. That’s how it is, things are not that weird here as it would be back home. We couldn’t finish the pizza so they even kept it in the fridge for us. Good service! Just as we had finished eating, a whole birthday party started at Smalls. I think it was a birthday party, but I’ve no idea to be honest. From being two people alone eating pizza in the bar, to a completely crowded place with (maybe) 70 people!? Yes, it was so much fun!

We met a lot of nice people that night.

We went out to check one bar and ended up being part of a big party. That’s why Bangkok keeps surprising me – you never know where you end up and what you end up doing. I met a nice girl from Russia, she gave me a lot of tips about where to go out in Sathorn. I need to go there and then I’ll make an update here on the blog 😉

All three places are really nice and we’re definitely going to Sathorn again to have some fun. No doubt.