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Bye to On Nut – Hello to Thonglor

On Nut Condo View

Another weekend in Bangkok went by. This weekend was all about moving, saying goodbye to the old apartment and saying hello to the new one! 

And then again not really… We didn’t spent much time on the moving part. We knew we wanted to take things easy and we really don’t have that many things here. We have our clothes, shoes, laptops, a tv, some kitchen stuff, a few books and some important papers.

We went to our new apartment in Thonglor late friday night. We unpacked a few things, went home to the old apartment and agreed on packing and going back to the new place the same night. 

That didn’t happen. We got caught up with Netflix and ended up staying there and we decided to move the things Saturday instead. Damn you Netflix!

Saturday… It’s time to say goodbye!

We woke up Saturday. I had to go to the doctor, so unfortunately I had to spend a few hours at the hospital.

After a successful meeting with my doctor I went back to the old apartment. The pros about the old apartment is definitely the view and I’m going to miss it so bad. We lived at 30 sq. m. for 6 month. 30 sq. m. is not a lot for two people, but it’s good for the first apartment in Bangkok. We didn’t really know which area we wanted to live in and therefore we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. 

We lived at The Base in Sukhumvit 77. I will dedicate a single blog post for that neighbourhood. To sum it up: it’s nice, new buildings and has a big pool. 

We spent the afternoon at the gym and at the green area next to the pool. We wanted to say goodbye in a proper way. Around 6 pm it was time to pack down and leave with as much as possible. We packed as much as we could in the two suitcases and the one backpack we have. We ordered two Ubers and filled both with (almost) everything we own here in Thailand. My Uber driver was the nicest guy ever. He helped a lot by carrying all my stuff. He took his time and asked a lot of questions about our life here in Bangkok. He got 5 stars right there and a nice compliment!

The new apartment is only a 15 minutes drive from the old. It’s three BTS (skytrain) stops closer to the center. We spent most of Saturday night with unpacking. We have a whole walk-in-closet here. I’m literally in heaven!


Hello Thonglor!

Our new apartment is near the area Thonglor. Thonglor is an amazing area of Bangkok. Walk up at Soi 55 Thonglor and you’ll find so many good restaurants, so many fancy places to have a drink, places to grab a beer and a game of pool or table tennis and clubs to go out dancing (haven’t been there yet!).

There’s a lot of nice places in Bangkok. We’re really happy with Thonglor since it’s an area we’ve already spent a lot of time in. I’m definitely going to make a post about Thonglor but those who follow me on Instagram already know that I’m quite happy with the place called The Commons.

Normally we would go out and celebrate (again… those who follow me on Instagram knows that I believe there’s always a reason to celebrate), but this weekend is a Buddhist holiday, which means it’s not allowed to sell or serve alcohol. Most of the bars are open, but they don’t serve alcohol. Most of the clubs are closed, but as soon as the “alcohol ban” ends the clubs opens again. We spent the night at home with a movie. I don’t have any pictures of the new condo yet. Sorry!

Sunday… All I wanna do is have some fun!

Let’s face it. We’re in Bangkok, there’s always stuff to do. I didn’t know whether I should go to the Bangkok Farmer’s Market or to the Siam Food Festival. I’ve been to Bangkok Farmer’s Market twice before and I can highly recommend it! 

Unfortunately it was already too late to go to the Bangkok Farmer’s Market, so we ended up going to Siam Food Festival. Siam is in the “center” of Bangkok and there’s a lot of big shopping malls in that area.

We went to the Siam Food Festival. Good for the pictures, but not really interesting. There were two ladies on a stage with microphones selling fruit. The sound of that was so loud that it ruined the rest. I think the idea was to present the best thai specialities, but it ended up being way too promotional. 

We spent 15 minutes there and escaped to a more quiet area. We went to the Groove at Central World. There’s a lot of good restaurants and bars there. We’ve been there afternoons working on our laptops and evenings enjoying good wine, drinks and food. The place is good for both day time and evening. 

Times fly and another week went by!